Bootcamp is a free five-stage intensive training session designed for ITB students, especially SBM ITB students. Our aim is to improve analytical skills, possess basic business knowledge, and deliver ideas by training them to compete in business competitions.


Igniting Your Eco-Conscious Business Sense​

Take a chance to explore business competition further, including engagements like Business Plan Competition and Business Case Competition, and enhance your comprehension of identifying challenges during this phase. Additionally, learn how to appropriately use external analysis in this stage.

Stage I

February 18th, 2024

Stage II

February 24th, 2024

Unraveling Business Case by Delving into Problem Solving and Marketing Strategy

You will be directly taught how to solve problems in a business case and its implementation in the marketing aspect from experienced speakers. Additionally, you will learn how to create a well-structured executive summary.

Conquering the Financial Projections as a Guide to Achieve Future Success

You can learn how to state and project your financial plan based on the implementation you’ve created in the second stage. The aim is to help you comprehend financial and cash flow statements in working on the business case.

Stage III

March 2nd, 2024

Stage IV

March 9th, 2024

Catalyzing Innovation for Resilient Business Futures

We encourage you to acquire skills in developing an effective business plan by instructing design thinking and the utilization of the business model canvas, valuable tools for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Mastering the Pitch, Sealing the Deal

The most important aspect of being an entrepreneur or someone participating in a competition is how to effectively deliver your pitch deck. Therefore, GBF Bootcamp is here to assist you in mastering presentation skills.

Stage V

March 16th, 2024