International Business Case Competition

International Business Case Competition is a business case competition where teams of national and international university students solve real world business challenges through analyzing scenarios with problem-solving skills, developing strategies, and presenting systematic solutions as professionals.

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3rd winner


27 January - 10 February
[Early Bird] Open Registration: Team and Individual
11 February - 4 March
[Normal] Open Registration: Team and Individual
February 17th
"The Green Mobius" Workshop Session
March 2nd
Individual Registrants “Matchmaking Networking Session”
5 - 12 March
[Extended] Open Registration: Team Only
March 5th
Preliminary Case Distribution
March 26th
Paper Submission
April 6th
Semifinalist Announcement
April 7th
Technical Meeting Semifinal & Case Distribution
April 25th
Pitch Deck Submission
May 1st
Finalist Announcement
May 2nd
Technical Meeting Finalist & Case Distribution
6 - 8 May
Private Mentoring
May 12th
Company Visit
May 16th
Final Mentoring & Talkshow
May 17th
Pitch Deck Submission
May 18th
Pitching & Debate Round
May 18th
Awarding Gala

IBBC Agendas

Through The Eyes of A Consultant: Ace Your Case! 

The ‘Through The Eyes of A Consultant: Ace Your Case!’ workshop provides rovides a foundational understanding of business case competitions by integrating analytical frameworks and strategic approaches directly into a practical case study for business case competition achievers and first-timers. Participants who attend and actively participate in this workshop will gain the opportunity to receive a promotion code for the registration.

Matchmaking Networking Session

The ‘Matchmaking Networking Session’ webinar facilitates a platform for individual registrants to discover potential teammates, fostering professional relationships between business case competition enthusiasts.

Exclusive Mentoring Session

The two-time mentoring sessions (online and on-site) exclusively reserved for finalists are provided to equip participants with knowledge and guidance to curate solutions and presentation for the final pitching and debate stage. The mentors consist of business case competition experts from the consulting industry, geared with extensive experience in the business case competition landscape.

Company Visit

Finalists will gain the opportunity to visit the case contributor’s company for a tour and discussions with executives of the company.

Company Visit

The final Pitching & Debate Round is held on-site for International Business Case Competition finalists. Finalists are provided with a talk show from the designated case contributor and a final mentoring session before pitching their solution to a panel of judges. In addition, finalists will compete head-to-head with an appointed opponent to debate a motion in relation to the solution of the case. This event will be held in SBM ITB Ganesha Campus, Bandung.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have.
Who is eligible to participate in the International Business Case Competition?

Undergraduate or vocational students from local and international universities are encouraged to join! 

Is there a registration fee for International Business Case Competition?

Yes! You can check the registration fee according to the time of the registration (Early, Normal, Late) on the Ganesha Business Festival website or @ganeshabusinessfest on Instagram.

Is it allowed to form a team consisting of students from different universities?

Absolutely! With a maximum of three members, a team can consist of participants from different majors, departments, faculties, and universities.

Should the solution be written in English?

Yes! Since the case will be given in English, the solution should be written in proper English as well.

Is it mandatory to attend the ‘Through The Eyes of A Consultant: Ace Your Case!’ workshop?

It is highly encouraged that you attend the ‘Through The Eyes of A Consultant: Ace Your Case!’ for an opportunity to receive a promotional code for International Business Case Competition registration fee and to gain knowledge regarding the foundations of business case competition from a consulting expert.

What is the difference between team registration and individual registration?

Team registration is reserved for participants who had already formed teams of three members. Meanwhile, individual registration is for individuals who have not yet found a team. We will facilitate individual registrants with ‘Matchmaking Networking Session’ webinar for participants to discover potential teammates. In the end, individual participants are obligated to take part in the International Business Case Competition as a team.

What are the stages of the International Business Case Competition?

The competition will consist of three stages: Preliminary, Semifinal, and Final. Preliminary and Semifinal stages will entirely be held online. However, the Final stage will be largely held on-site in Bandung, Indonesia, containing a myriad of exciting events.

What is the theme for this year’s International Business Case Competition?

The theme is ‘Blueprinting Industry 5.0: Bridging the Path to Circular Sustainability’, derived from Ganesha Business Festival’s grand theme: ‘Sync The Green Mobius’. This year’s theme encapsulates the merge of circular economy principles with the advancements of Industry 5.0, reimagining a sustainable future for the business landscape.

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