High School Marketing Competition

The High School Marketing Challenge (HSMC) is a competition that aims to provide a platform for high school students who seek to put their creativity and ideas to test in marketing a brand.

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Open Registration
17-27 January 2024
Submission Phase I
28 Januari - 3 February 2024
Announcement Phase I
1 - 7 February 2024
Submission Phase II
11-17 February 2024
Announcement Phase II
2 - 24 February 2024
Awarding Night
9 March 2024


Final Round

On the final round of the competition, the participants will present their evaluation of the previous stage as well as their action plan for the product of the brand that they have marketed throughout the competition

SBM Tour

The participants will be given an exclusive tour of SBM facilities. The activity includes includes:
1. Interactive Sessions with Faculty
2. Information on Programs and Specializations
3. Showcasing State-of-the-Art Facilities
4. Networking Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have.
What is the format of the 3-stage high school marketing competition?

The competition is structured into three distinct stages: Digital visual work, digital video campaign, and final evaluation. Participants begin by submitting their Digital visual work, followed by a digital video campaign for shortlisted teams, and culminating in a final evaluation where winners are announced.

Is there a specific theme for the competition?

Yes, each year, the competition has a designated theme. This year’s theme is “Botanical Bliss”. The theme offers a platform for innovation and creativity, inviting young minds to support eco-friendly and responsible beauty care. Botanical Bliss is a call to embrace sustainability while celebrating plant-based beauty

What happens during the presentation round?

Shortlisted teams present their marketing proposals to a panel of judges. This phase allows participants to showcase their communication skills, address questions from the judges, and provide additional insights into the practical implementation of their marketing strategies.

How is the final evaluation conducted in the third stage?

In the final stage, judges assess the overall performance of each team based on the proposal, presentation, and the team’s ability to adapt and improve based on feedback. The winning teams are then determined, taking into account the comprehensive evaluation throughout the competition.

What types of prizes or recognition do winning teams receive?

Winning teams may receive a variety of prizes, including certificates, trophies, and potentially mentorship opportunities. Recognition extends beyond the event, with winning teams often featured in promotional materials and media coverage.

How can schools or students participate in the 3-stage high school marketing competition?

Schools or students interested in participating can typically find detailed information and registration instructions on the competition’s official website. Registration periods, guidelines, and important dates are usually provided to facilitate a smooth entry into the competition.

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