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An integrated ecosystem between individuals who shared similar intentions to bring mutualism for personal motives and the future business development of Indonesia. GBF is an event established by the collaboration between the management student association (KMM ITB) and the entrepreneurship student association (IMK “ARTHA” ITB) under the supervision of SBM ITB. Ganesha Business Festival is a platform for students around the world to sharpen their business knowledge in solving today’s economic issues through insightful bootcamp training and challenging business competitions along with expressing their entrepreneurial skill at the business exhibition.


“Unite global young innovators for planetary well-being through enthusiastic and impactful initiatives”



Sustainable & model

Opportunities & Innovatives

GBF 2024 Grand Theme:

Sync the Green Möbius

Unleashing Indonesia’s Economic Renewal: Infinite Resilience Through Circular Strategies and Environmental Harmony


A healthy planet with good business, a suitable planet, and good people who aim to cycle continuously


Taken from August Ferdinand, a German mathematician, and astronomer in 1858, which is illustrated by a strip without distinct inside or outside, symbolizing interconnected and endless cycle

Green Möbius

An unbroken surface and infinite continuity which is essential to unite businesses to Net Zero for a greener environment